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Rah Digga - What Comes Around


(verse 1-Lil' Kim)
Everybody know the queen gettin down dirty
Drive you crazy like the 7:30
It ain't a secret, rumors they could keep
You know there's only one ghetto queen with the guillotine
Real b@#$h that carry gats by the spleen, know what I mean?
Some b@#$h is on the line, answer that
If it's a booty call cancel that
You want pure satisfaction? Imma handle that
All I need is a candle and a porno channel
Lubricate the top, now I'm starting to sweat
Peel my Gucci sheets back so they don't get wet
Now check it, adjust your phone volume
Little Kim is sure to bring the nuts outcha
Imagine me s@#$ing blood out ya
Like a hickey, I love the phone quickie
Slip myself a mickey
Now thats the proper set off
You could reach out and touch me MCI style
Kim and Short f@#$ing Cale bed-stuy style
Tell me what you want
I'll tell you what I need
You could f@#$ me till I bleed
Oh shoot I'm about to OG
tell me do you wanna f@#$ me (x2)

hook-Mona Lisa-
what comes around goes around
what goes up has got to go down
my love goes around and around
makin' love without a moan or sound

(verse 2-Raw Digga)
Filpmode b@#$h takes a lot to handle this
black lips and huge hot spots
f@#$ me or not I know I make yah hot
get you hot like Suana
your d@#k be doin' flips in my teddies by Gabbada
wanna rock da prada I got fame
protect my name
keep my attitude the same
money ain't gonna make me chill wit h@es
but I know where nice clothes
and chill wit my n@#$a Busta and the Squad
and f@#$in' my n@#$a Todd
why you look at me as if I don't know this
I ain't got time for you go and find a clue
when you check this
we be makin' out in your lexus
don't crush my solar plexis
keep you up late
12:45 curfew with my dates
in the fall taken out my rakes
candles, wicks,and lakes
wanna shrink yo' d@#k drink Surge
if not enlarge what be inside your drawers
uh us bad girls mad hot and s@#t so (what?)
you don't wanna f@#@ wit this!


(verse 3-Gangsta Boo-talking)
I'ma make this short and simple
like girls with pimples
I like the adictives
in drinks and smokes
you don't smoke trees like me
you ain't buyin' weed like me
you ain't got a Mafia like mine
cause you ain't got da time (uh)
I keep it hot like a block full of hustlers
Who can make it blaze like us
Bless you to death, wanna freak me from the back (Girl, don't even
play like that)
Keep it comin' strong, give me all that you got
(Chi-co, true baller don't stop)
I throw it like a pitcher, let my sex appeal hit you
Game so sharp that it split you
Tell ya what, keep-a stylin'
(I ain't been hooked since Ewing was a Hoya)
Can't nobody do it this tight
Pep' be the bomb, that's right
Lookin' on the page tryin' to get with me, sit with me
Yo', it ain't s@#% to me
I'm-a party till I see the sunrise
S to the P, the party live
Keep it comin', baby



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