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Rainbow & Estacy - Gotta Have


Gotta Have a What...
Yeah Yeah


Gotta have a brand new jeep
with the key specially made for me me
Gotta have a cool pad
somewhere i can get high high high
Gotta have the loving
So I'll never cheat with ya
love i don't wanna creep
Gotta have everything to please me
control me baby

Verse 1:
See you be scooping me and i like you to boo
Wanna ride with me get fly with me come hug on me ohh
So i stepping to you , Ask ya what you wanna do
And you said baby, oh baby how can i get you home?
Get you all alone,
and i said baby frist gotta know me and tell me what do you drive
Oh yes baby


You was all cool with that said ya drive a lexus
I was kinda down with that
But i wanna see the ride
Before you you get my time
It bet not be stolen and better be real
cuz i don't give any of my love away
for free
okay you started asking me how old i am
but baby your looking so fly
I just wanna be with you


Tell Me, Tell Me
Is This Your Car , Is This Your Car
Don't Need No Man , Don't Need No Man
Playing with my heart , Playing with my heart
So Boy , So Boy, So Boy
Let's Ride Okay

Tell me Tell me Tell Me Tell Me Cuz you gotta have boy yeah-yeah uh-hu


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