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Rashaan Green & Trey f/ John - Reach Out


(chours 1x)
you've got to reach out to find what your searching for
and if you don't find what your looking for you can
alwayz come back home
(verse one)
I've searched all around the globe looking for that
girl to come and take the pain away and now I've
found that I can't come and take what is mine yeah

(chours 1x)

(verse two)
just cause things are'nt true in your world cause
everytime you call I'm their for you (evertime u call)
and now I know your with anohter man so tell me
what's the deal with that (what's the deal wit that)

(verse three)
ugh check it out you to reach out to feel the flava
that we bring when were breaking it down for all my
fanz z93 play my music antony still trein it up on
video jamz u feelin it cause rashaan green got love
for you

(chours till fade)


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