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Reality - Like The Rain


Verse 1: In my dreams, we're together
In my dreams, what we have will last forever
As I lay here, all alone
I only think of you

Hook 1: Never met anyone quite like you
Who can make me feel, the way you do

Chorus: But like the rain
I keep falling for you
I don't know how to wait
And I don't know what to do
This feeling in my heart
No one can take away
I just keep the rain

Verse 2: When I awake, you're still on my mind
And I realize that true love is hard to find
But I found it, when I married you
And looked into your eyes

Hook 2: Ever had this feeling before
But I know, this feeling can't be denied


Verse 3: One day you walked into my life
And nothing's been the same
Not having you beside me
Is driving me insane

Ending Chorus: Like the rain
All I know is I keep falling for you
I don't know just what I'm gonna do
Like the rain.....
Tonight this feeling is driving me insane
Like the rain....I keep falling for you
I don't know.....


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