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Redman - Let Da Monkey Out


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/intro/ gorrrrrillazzz..
what you know about it?(4x)
ahy what you know about it?

1- yo, get it right from jump,
Doc tapin' on the debate for months.
i got zizts on yo' face that can't wait to bump.
boggy down to the point of I abricade the Bronx,
Poppy spins,
the rhymes trough yo' opptie lens... check it.
it's five below, my brain is cold .
runny nose every time Doc exchange the blow.
my street team swipe up the block like Rob Lowe.
Bodega liqour store.
i'm dead in the window.
P.P.P symbol got F.B.I look-out.
strip the dirty clothes hit on when they have they team cook-out.
i wolf out.
son you betta buckle in.
i write the madness, got ink is fo'min at the pen.
i tear a ligament when i spit it in the win.
i got so much game i could card Edison.
chickens stand by for exposure.
shut yo' house down for a colda and cold-blood!
shut the power out in ya house.
cut the phone put a sock in ya mouf,
let da monkey out!

chorus- let da monkeys out.
show the fooz what it's all about.holla out, let it out!
oooh oooh ah ah ahh!
oooh oooh ah ah ahh!(2x)

2- it's Redman in the house,(one time!)
form a line,
jacket in poor o' in shine?stay 'dere.
runnin' wit more kidz then day-care.
one shot to proove ain't nuttin' but wait here!
when he lands flat i'm in a mini-van.
wit little cities runnin cites like Dee-chee-gan.
wit Vichey-Cunningham was O.P,
i was low-key.
airring niggaz that was more square then my gold teeth.
my appittie for destrution is to hustle.
all the cotton out the turn, buckle when i wrestle.
Mr.tough guys..on the side..
i fucked them to!!
slam him.when i walk,
i mark his bucannon!
yo yo..
Newark niggaz in the house!
yo yo..
it's Jersey niggaz in the house!
i hold forth wit a court ,
an O.E from Newark. i tell lies under orph to please the court,
Supreme force in the swamps wit the green moss,
bug repelance too,
bustin' machines off.(bom bom bom bom!)
i'm Danny Romane wit the forty-fo' blazin' then!
not even Chris Savein could save yo' life!
(docta creep in the house!)
cut the phones put a sock in ya mouf,
let da monkey out!

chorus-let da monkeys out.
show the fooz what it's all about. holla out let it out!
oooh oooh ah ah ahh!
oooh oooh ah ah ahh!(4x)

(break-in)- ha ha. now, 99motha fuckin'9 nigga.
Brick City comin' through.
if you don't know this is Dr.Trevis.
and changin' nigga motha fucka!
pack ya own heat, supply ya own mothafuckin' ammo
P.P.P comin' through.
this is Dr.Trevis, bitch asses!


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