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Robyn - I Wish


do u kno what i think about all these nites
wen i can't sleep, sleep at all
oh slowly i close my eyes
my thoughts they fly away to u no matter what i do
and i wish i could turn back time
back to the time wen u were mine

i wish, i wish the day,
the day u went away never had happened oh baby
i wish the stars, the stars and the heaven
would come down to me so i could give them to you
and tell me then, would u be loving me like i wished

and its so hard wen u love someone this much
but u jess don't kno how, how to love him the rite way
if u could see what u've done to me
what u've done to my heart
what u've done to my soul
baby all of my mind, and all of my body
then u shoulda known y i can't let it go
baby i...


i don't kno what u want me to do
to prove my love is real for u
i don't kno what u want me to say baby
there is no if's or maybeh's
all i want is u
cuz baby u are.. my only wish... my onlee wish


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