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Rockell - When I'm Gone


When I'm gone
Will you take good care of everything?
Will you keep wearin' your wedding ring?
When I'm gone...

And when I'm gone
Will you take out all the photographs
maybe spend a moment in the past
When I'm gone...
Will you miss me
in the night
Will your arms reach out
to hold me tight
Will you keep me
in your dreams
in your heart
in your life...
Sometimes I wanna run to you like lovers do
When love is new
Just for a moment be close to you
pretending I'm still holding you
and even when I'm far away
the dreams
they stay
And someday
after we both chased our fantasies
Love will bring you back to me

When I'm gone...
I'll be thinking 'bout you constantly
'cause you're locked inside my memory
from now on
And I know..(I know)
that we said we needed time apart
but you're love keeps pullin at my heart
pulling strong..
(repeat bridge)
(repeat chorus x3 to fade)


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