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Rooney - I'm Shakin Lyrics


Artist: Rooney
Album: Rooney
Song: I'm Shakin


I've forgotten what it feels like to feel normal
To be normal
I've forgotten what food tastes like
The way it tastes right
The taste buds taste right
I wake up in so much spit and sweat, it is not normal
What is normal?

I go to bed
When I wake up
After cleaning all
All the spit and sweat

I'm sha sha shakin, sha shakin'
I'm sha sha shakin, I'm shakin' now

I tossed and turned all night
'cause I was looking for an ending
This was so because I watched all day
The neverending story with atrayu

The next day came but not a beam of light
Because the blinds were shut
Sha sha sha shut so tight

I fell out of bed laced with spit and sweat
It made me very cold
It made me
Sha sha shakin', sha shakin'
I'm sah sha shakin', I'm shakin' now

I'm supposed to feel better
And I'm supposed to stop shakin'
I'm sha sha shakin', sha shakin'
I'm sha sha shakin', I'm shakin' now


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