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Da Shop Boyz - Party Like A Rock Star Lyrics


Artist: Shop Boyz
Song: Party Like A Rock Star


y-y-y-yeah, y-y-y-yeah, y-y-y-yeah, y-y-y-yeah

t-t-t-totally dude!!!!

party like a rock
party like a rockstar
party like a rock
party like a rockstar
party like a rock
party like a rockstar
party like a rockstar

t-t-t-totally dude!!!!

i'm on a money makin mission
but i party like a rockstar
flyin' down 20 lookin' good in my hot car
you know them hoes be at my show
worried bout where my chain go
i uh rubba in ma pants
but these hoes won't let my thang go

i uwa like i uwa
cuz you know them hoes be tryin us
hoe don't you know i fuck wit fine dimonds
that look like Pa-me-la
they fine and they hot bra
when i'm in the spot bra......

party like a rockstar
do it wit da black and da white
like a cop car
whoop, whoop,whoop,wha,whoop
me and my band, man
on the yacht relaxin
gettin a tan man

(cool)you know me
wit a skull belt and wallet chain
shop boyz, rockstars
yeah, we 'bout to change the game
change the game? uh oh
they know that i'm a star
i make it rain from the center of my guitar


as soon as i came out the womb
my momma knew a star was born
now i'm on the golf course
trippin' wit da Osbournes
i seen da show w/travis barker
rockstar mentality
i'm jumpin in the crowd
just to see if they would carry me

bitches wanna marry me
they see me they just might panic
my ice make em go down quick
like the Titanic!
yeah, i'm wit da shop boyz
you know what we do
i'm surfin' screamin' kowabonga



Da Shop Boys - Party Like A Rock Star Lyrics


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