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S Club 7 - You're My Number One


Verse 1:

What is luv - cuz baby i don't know
I gotta funny feeling in my heart
If this is luv - It feels like butterflies
Tell me baby is this how it starts


You know i've never felt like this before
Its like a drug , you want me wanting more
I've got to let you know
I've got to let you know.......


You're my number one / I'd do anything for you
Catch the rain from the sky / Even hold back the tide for you
Baby , Baby you're my number one / With you , i know i belong
I put the radio on / and its always playing our song

Verse 2:

Tell me what i gotta do
Cuz i wanna lay a claim on you baby
Tell me your mine - for now till the end of time
So baby tell me what i gotta do

And there aint nothing I wont do
I'd walk on water just to be with you

Baby , Baby


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