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Scribe - Not Many Lyrics


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Artist: Scribe
Album: The Crusader
Song: Not Many


Yia, yia,
Aint no one like me, yia, yia, yia
Congratulations, you made it
Welcome to the Crusader
It's been a long time coming yo, but I'm here now
So watch'ya gon'do?
How many dudes you really know, can flow, like this
Like this, like this, let's do it....uh

Chorus: How many dudes you know roll like this?
How many dudes you know flow like this
Not many if any, not many if any
How many dudes you know got the skills to go and, rock a show like this
Uh-uh uh-uh I don't know anybody

Check check to the mike check
1 2 from a crew commin through
Are u hyped yet?
Now days everybody wanna talk like they got something on scribe
But they aint got nothing
When Im up and Im live, you can’t front when you feeling the vibe
You know Scribe is taking you HIGH
Love it with the double bass
Vibration, the plates in your vertebra
Y’all heavy man move like a RS
Subaru, with a crew
Come equipped like a body kit
Lyrically by burn quest
So Im footing his style
To his Tung like a stail fish
This kid ate egg


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