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Selwyn - She Said Lyrics


Artist: Selwyn
Song: She Said


She said she wants me
Now she don't know
She keeps tryin' to play me
Now she knows she won't

Verse 1
I'm checkin' you out at the club on the dance floor
Breakin' it down ain't know doubt I've got plans for ya
Blowin' my mind and I ain't wasting time baby
You and me kickin' back on the rewind
Doing the things that we like
But you tryin' to play me girl tell me why
One day you say you do and then you don't
You tryin' to play me but you know you won't

I know I can turn you darkness into light y'all
If ya don't know then you know girl
Let me be the one for you

Chorus x 2

Verse 2
Girl you can ask any body
I will be diggin' it for ya honey
I like the way you work it baby
Short prada skirt with that kinda shape
I'm the type of guy to drive a girl crazy
Take you home and cruise in the benzie
Me and you on top of things
This is how we do sweet lady

I know I can turn you darkness into light girl
If ya don't know then you know girl
Why don't you keep it real

Chorus x 2

So why you tryin' to play me,
Pretty baby when ya want me sweet lady
Won't ya be with me just be with me
Wow yeah why you tryin' to play me
sweet lady lady cmon

Mini Rap
You know you like things I do when I do it ya yo
And now you say you wanna it and then you don't know
So what am I supposed to do supposed to do baby


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