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Shaggy Lyrics

Shaggy  Lyrics from the album Hot Shot

Shaggy - Hot Shot
Shaggy - Lonely Lover
Shaggy - Dance & Shout
Shaggy - Leave It To Me
Shaggy - Angel
Shaggy - Hope
Shaggy - Keep'n It Real
Shaggy - Luv Me, Luv Me (feat. Janet Jackson)
Shaggy - Freaky Girl
Shaggy - It Wasn't Me
Shaggy - Not Fair
Shaggy - Hey Love
Shaggy - Why Me Lord?
Shaggy - Chica Bonita

Shaggy Lyrics from the album Boombastic

Shaggy - In The Summertime
Shaggy - Mr. Boombastic
Shaggy - Something Different - (featuring Wayne Wonder)
Shaggy - Forgive Them Father
Shaggy - Heartbreak Suzie - (featuring Gold Mine)
Shaggy - Finger Smith
Shaggy - Why You Treat Me So Bad - (featuring Grand Puba)
Shaggy - Woman A Pressure Me
Shaggy - Train Is Coming, The - (featuring Ken Booth)
Shaggy - Island Lover
Shaggy - Day Oh
Shaggy - Jenny - (featuring Budda Junky Swan)
Shaggy - How Much More
Shaggy - Gal Yu A Pepper

Other Shaggy Lyrics

Shaggy - Hey sexy lady
Shaggy - Oh Carolina
Shaggy - Strength Of A Woman
Shaggy - Hot Gal


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