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Shae Jones f/ Ja Rule - Bad Boy


It's Ja Rule
Shae baby
It's mad money
It's Murder
Heh, yeah
It's Murder

1 - [Shae]
Ain't nothing like a bad-bad, bad boy
He treats me better then a good-good, good boy
Ain't nothing like a bad-bad, bad boy
He treats me better then a good-good, good boy

I, got a man, you understand
He don't open doors for me
He, don't have a real job
And that's okay cause
He's working me

2 - Got me goin' round-round
When I take him downtown
Make me want a bad-bad

Got me going round

Repeat 2

Ain't nothing like

Repeat 1
Repeat 1

He plays, with my mind
He, be lyin' all the time
Tells me that he's out with a friend
But I really know, he's playing me

Repeat 2

Got me goin' round

Repeat 2

Repeat 1 (x4)

If daddy's cool and thinks he'll do
I think he's wack
Nothing like a, a bad boy

Baby I see you, freakin' off again
Pullin' up with with the rabbits in
Knowin' you used to gettin' worked is droppin'
Matter of fact who's Benz is you driving
Drop with the chrome rims
Something about it, hit it, when you feel love
When it's in ya game
But when it's real strong, still and all
I'm lookin' forward to lickin' my --- on your tongue
And when I'm done, --- on your love
Don't give a damn where you came from, Ja baby
You the one
Gettin' it done, then hit it and run
It's a damn shame that I do what I, do to gap
And when I do, it's like two in ya mouth, what
Me and my dawgs got guns to bust
So when you cats get scandolous, you so high
Even FED's can't hang with us
And you wonder why they all wanna bang with us
It's because, we the Mur-der-ers
Any boy better then that gonna get...
Hot slugs from us
You really don't want that, unless
You feel you can flow with the best
Got the strength to obtain the rest
Air out one time, it's about respect
Bad boy, N-O, bring it in, no doubt

Repeat 1

Repeat 1 & 2 together


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