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Sheryl Crow - A Change


Ten years living in a paper bag,
Feedback baby,
he's a flipped out cat,
He's a platinum canary,
drinkin' Falstaff beer,
Mercedes Rule,
and a rented lear,
Bottom Feeder,
Prophet Lo-fi pioneer,
Sell the house and go to school,
Get a young girlfriend,
daddy's jewel,

A Change would do you good,
A Change would do you good,

God's little gift is on the rag,
Poster girl posing in a fashion mag,
Canine, Feline,
Jekyll and Hyde?
Wear your fake fur on the inside,
Queen of South Beach,
aging blues dinner at six,
wear your cement shoes,
I thought you were singing your heart out to me,
Your lips were syncing and now I see,

A Change would do you good,
A Change would do you good,

Chasing dragons with plastic swords,
Jack off Jimmy,
everybody wants more,
Scully and Angel on the kitchen floor,
And I'm calling Buddy on the ouija board,
I've been thinking 'bout catching the train,
Leave my my phone machine by the radar range,
Hello it's me,
I'm not at home,
If you'd like to reach me,
leave me alone!!

A Change Would Do You Good,
A Change Would Do you Good


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