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Silk - Baby Check Your Friend


verse:I don't know what's going on( she pagin me, she callin me)
I just call to see what's wrong( she telling me she's feelin me)
She said I really really turn her on, and she can't wait to get me all alone
Baby went your not home yea yea

chorus1: Can't believe the things she said to me, telling me she feelin very freaky
And I don't understand, when she knows that I'm her girlfriend's man

Chorus2 Baby check your friend, she tryin to steal your man
(she said she rather have it all to her self)
Baby check your friend, she out to steal your man
(but I can never do my baby like that) (2x)

oh oh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

verse: Oh she saying we were meant to be(she tryin to get between you and me)
And why is she tryin to playa hate my baby( by wanting to get a piece of me)
She even had the nerve to tell me that she had to get with me, she don't give a damn about you
I guess she really dosen't know me
Now I'm blowing up my spot and this game is getting hot



Bridge: You shared with her everything between you and I oh yea
You never should of told her how I do you at night
You can't imagine all the things she offer me
Her plan was so secure,leadind to her bedroom door
And baby I can't take it no more

Repeat Chorus2


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