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Sol'e - Da Story


Comin' out of 112 one late night, seen some scandalous ho's
in my eyesight, bein the bitch I am paied them no mind,
gave niggas dap and hopped in my ride,pulled out the heat from, under the seat
make sure the door's locked and the guns cocked pulled out the lot now I'm leavin
the spot, made a right on Chesterbrige now I'm rollin' down the block goin' across
85 Northseen some headlights ridin' tight behind porsche, muthafucka bumped my shit,
oh now it's on, thinkin' it's an accident thogh I could be wrong preparin' myself,
if these niggas want it,drove into another exit so a bitch couldn't be cornered,can't
keep goin' cause niggas will follow you home, smack you wit the chrome and take everything
you own,I was taughtr better than that so I grabbs my gat, hold my own, don't need
no one to watch my back,lookin' for the heavens through the sunroof,``Shit I know ain't
untouchble and I know I ain't bullet proof, but I'll put it on these niggas if need be for
2 to yo' chest and 2 to yo head lord please don't let it go there,all I see is a B.P and
I'm in the middle of nowhere I'm ready for whatever I know the rutine I check the gun
magazine,'' I hopped out and was like``What the fuck's up yall got's to be crazy?''
there's some tall nigga talkin' bout ``Yo hold on baby, it was just an accident.'' I
can't believe this is happening, then I see the cheerokee pull up in back of him now I'm
really gon pee `` Oh,those them same bitches from the club that was grillin' me!''
So I pulled out the fifth ``You niggas comi'n for me?'' Money had his hands up I smacked
him wit da heat, after one bitch hopped out jeep, I fired a shot and it missed her, went
through the driver side and hit her sister,I pulled out my wip, bitch still poppin' I
waited for her to stop so I can hit her with a hot one It's gettin' hard to manuver,
I kick my heels off,Had him Knocked out, stumbled into his shit and veered off, perfect
Distraction, Gs is passin I roll soundin like a round of a applause, I pack a line baby
like whenI caught your back and it roars now I'm the type to get into drama until it's gone
Them bitches wanna dance then they playin' our song, jump behind the dumpster reloadin
the pistol, pucker up until it kiss ya I can't explain what's goin on but tonight it's
on, Fuck who right,fuck who wrong, I got you in my sight gun in my palms surprisingly calm,
took off a shot hit her in her arm she runnin, got my gun hot,tryin to escape, she pulled
her dead friend out of the driver's kicked of a shot, put it in her leg,``I ain't gonna
kill you quick bitch, I'ma make you beg,'' she still got in though, mashed the gas,put
four in the door and got out of the way fast, jeep swerved, starting to stray, headin' for
the gas tanks got in my stance hit wit the last one contact it blows up, get out of there
before the A.P.B shows up throw my shit on fifth fucked 40 on the gas, seen the after math
of the blast, to protect mine,
I send demons to hell, stay strong,just to live long those who weak and they fail,know
what shouldn't have went down but it did, if it's me or you bitch, I got to live I know a
gun's hell, only one can prevail either it's a done deal, live by still ain't nothin' fare
we live this for real, I could've ended up dead tonight but I'm in jail, pacin' in my cell,
tryin' to make bail, and on top of that, this bitch made me break my MUTHAFUCKIN' NAIL!!


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