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Solo - Touch Me


Come on

1 - Come and get this love
So we can let it go
Baby, you know
You can touch me with your love
Let's go home and touch
Miss your love so much
Do anything
If you touch me with your love

Let me give you some sweet affection
Girl, ya know I hunger for ya, for ya
Don't be afraid of what you're feelin'
I can't say that I know what you're thinkin'
But one thing's for sure
Is when we're alone
It get's so damn inviting
When you give me the night
You come for me
I came to you
It keeps me so inspired
Cuz I'll see you tonight, yeah

Repeat 1

To me you're somethin' kinda special
And girl ya got me dreamin', I'm thinkin', fienin' for you
One smile from you
It takes my breath away
And I can't fight it, can't hide it, so excited
Like words to a song
You're my sweet melody
Intoxicating and delighting
I'll be the comfort you need
If you feel the same
Then let me know
Girl, I just want you to understand
That I'll never let you go

(You and me)
We need to get together, baby
(Me and you)
Come and get this love
And don't be afraid, no, no

Repeat 1 until fade


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