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Sonic Chaos - C'mon Lyrics


Artist: Sonic Chaos

Song: C'mon


Derick- Hey yo Mac
Derick-I don't think they're ready for this
Mac- na-na

Derick-Yo, all I want is one beat. One sound one one rhyme just verse. One line, just one time. Cause i'm here to save to
spread the word, It ai'nt what you see yo, it's what you heard so c'mon, c'mon, c'mon it don't matter who are just come on.
Black, white, brown, portorican, and hajen. It don't matter who you are if if you want hip-hop- tation. So c'mon, c'mon,
c'mon, it don't who were are just c'mon we can turn the party down make the people scream and shout and my d.j. is gonna do
his thang.

Mac- Uh-huh, ya
Derick-Real hip-hop music


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