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Sporty Thieves - Even Cheaper


Take two....Uh-oh Uh-oh
I want it a-ha a-ha
Ain't got it u-ah u-ah
I want it a-ha a-ha
You ain't getting nada-nada
Verse 1
Yo I'm a cheap cat, you peep
I keeps stacks
I don't care if you that sweet rat
Petite - Black
I'm tryna shine yo, state the gondo
Which means cheap when you speak Espanol
Come on ya'll know, if not ask Mo
Think you gettin' cash flow
Then you'sa gassed hoe
I'll just let your ass go
You know-spend my dough
Get sheist with hoes that pose as centerfolds
Clothes, uh-oh now your man
Done bought Tim's
Make you fall apart and sport the John M's
Balling, I know I'm costing-flossing
Duff all these cats forget whose bossing
Want dough and I'm a leave you crawling
Mocha taking all them, off the wall and-
All into my dough involved then
Swim in my jacous-bin like a dolphin
Well if I die
Would you jump in my coffin?
Tell 'em, I love them
Put my cars in auction
A-yo, why I can't score without trickin' no dough
Actin' like I don't know how this trickin' sh*t go
With these gold digging low pro-mo swigging hoes
My fault - you right
I mean hoes will be hoes
Who dat dime hunny
Who like her eyes buggy
I shine lovely, but you won't get a dime from me
None of my money
You must be sick
I'm the one to thick and leave a son hit
Bet I see cake - and known to peep snakes
Not a cheapskate
Lick 'em for a cheap date
Thinkin' you gon' feed me fries
And cheese steak - you gon' see me skate
Check the release date
I want it a-ha a-ha
Ain't got it u-ah u-ah
I want it a- ha a-ha
Ain't got it u-ah u-ah
I want it a-ha a-ha
Ain't got it u-ah a-ah
I want it a-ha a-ha
You ain't gettin' nada-nada
Verse 2
It all starts in a club with a sip of sumthin'
Now she wanna fill the glass
To the tip or sumthin'
Then a n*gg* dead wrong
When he flip or sumthin'
Like...You want what?
You betta strip or sumthin'
Do "The Player Club" style
Work a hip in sumthin'
Get a gat and ski-mask
Stub a clip n sumthin'
Me- I'm all rich and poor
I just refuse to trick
Quick to holla
You ain't gettin' nada damn dolla
KFC is good so girls can't be chickens
Man listen~now what they can be
Is pigeons
Pigeons the worst bird
That's my word
Eating off curbs and hurds lookin for herbs
Chicks - they be frontin' nice
But they whores really
Knew shorty was griddy
When she puffed a 4-philly
Mack on her titi
Like she f*ck*d the whole city
Push a 850
And she leave your c*ck spitty
I pulled up knocking Biggie
Here kitty-kitty
I'm looking pretty jiggy
Sweating all nitty
What the dealy?
She said- you sound willy, neck chilly
I said- you sound silly
You'sa limp n*gg*- sounding real immi
B*tch like Miz only f*ck wit' Big Benz
You feel me
Gotta big house on the hillie
Worth bought half a milli
Take me shopping in illie
See chef blowing up my lobster
See through all the pasta
Slim marry the mobster
He ain't tight
Might throw you in my roster
Forget them little ends
In your safe
N*gg* I gotcha


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