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Strong - I Can't Hide


Day by day I see you
I don't know what to do
But it seems like I already know
That I want you boo
And I like the way
You keep it real with me
He's not with you for who you are
But for what you look like
And he's not right
Now I'm tellin' you
My feelings real...and I can't hide
I can't hide the way I feel for you
And I would give anyhting to be with you
verse 2-
You don't know baby
How I feel bout you
You make my dreams come true
And there's nothin I wouldn't do for you
It makes me mad
When I see you sad
Over what someone has done to you
There's no need for you to cry
Please dry your eyes
And I'll tell you why
My love is real...I'm tellin you how I feel
chorus 2x-
bridge 2x-
Every night I think of you
I wanna know if you want me too
Will it be us til we're through
Until the day we're done
Until the day we're gone
chorus til fade-


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