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Sunshine - Let Me Tell You


1. Let me tell you what I feel about you......
Let me tell you whats real about you.......
Cause you are all the man I need and I can give you what you need
So come on over baby.

I've been waching you for so oh long (long)
Trying to get my feelings out,and being to strong
but, when I saw you around my way I just had to step and say
that I want you for always, so can you swing my way, hay!

repeat 1:

Every time I see you, you act so shy
leaving me wondering if your really mine
all i'm trying to say, is that I want you for always
So baby quit playing these games, cause if you don't i'm gon' to move away

repeat 1: ( yeah......)

See I want you baby, do you want to be with me?
Tell me baby, you just got to believe me
cause what I'm saying is real, Oh man, whats the deal?
Should I just keep on,or just move on ( Let me tell you)

repeat 1:( untill song ends)


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