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Surface - The First Time


you know i won't forget the times we shared to gether holding hands
and walking in the park.
sometime, we'll have to do it all again we were so happy then;
i have no regrets.
can you tell by the look on my face that
i love you more today??

the first time i looked into your eyes i cried.
do you remember the first time
we fell in love?
you looked into my eyes;
wiped the tears away
the first time
when we fell in love

althought some time has passed, i still remember just like it was yesterday
but time is movin' fast.
the love i have for you, time won't ever change,, I'll always feel the same,
now until the end.
memories we hsare will live forever
deep inside my heart, i know I'll never forget...

(repeat twice to end)


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