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Sweet Vision - If You Give Me Your Heart


baby, you don't knoe how much you mean to me
I never felt like this for someone before
Each passing day, I love you more and more
Oh baby can't you see
My love for u will never fade away
No matter what i say
I love you

I'll give my heart to you
if you promise me you'll always be true
And I'll love you eternily
If you give meh your heart

I can't believe I'm falling in love with you
You make me feel so good inside
My love for you will always stay true
This I won't deny
I love you
Because you are my everything
And you are my destiny
The is why I love you so
This you should knoe


could this be love?
I don't knoe what it is to you
Could this be love?
Tell me its true.



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