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Sweet Vision - Saying Goodbye


The day that we first met
I looked into your eyes
Was a day I won't forget
Becoz' my feelings inside

You said the sweetest things to me
The sweetest I've ever heard
Because they were your words

I cherished every single moment
And every kiss we shared
I held on to the love you sent
Becoz' I thought that you cared

We had a good time in the past
With all the laughter and games
Why couldn't we try to make it last?
Why can't things be the same?

Thru time somewhere your feelings changed
I couldn't understand
What made everything just end one day?
That wasn't part of the plan

Your words -once sweet- has now become
The reason for my tears
That's what I now fear

I ask myself how could this be
That you just slipped away
What happened to your love for me?
What do you have to say?

All that's left are memories
Of yesterdays gone by
But in the days to come you'll see
Then it will be your turn to cry

Tomorrow, next week, maybe even next year
You'll ask for another try
But your sweet words I'll not hear
Coz' I will be saying goodbye ...........


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