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Tre 380 - Hokey Pokey Lyrics


Artist: Tre 380
Song: Hokey Pokey


u put your left hand in
u put your left hand out
u put your left hand in and you shake it all about
u do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around
thats what its all about .. bout

tre 380
cut some ..bust it open(5x)
thats what its all about
ima put it on in
ima pull it on out
ima put it back in
can i put it in yo mouth
lets do da hokey pokey baby
turn dat ass around
thats what its all about(uh huh)

380 lookin for dat monica louisnkee
for da free head and i aint paying for da pussy
shawty must not know me
my pops been done told me
pimps up hoes down
and bust out yo money
and don't dare give yo bread to no slut
not matter breast size we see because
cuz all i wanna do is skeet skeet on her butt
thats what its all about bout (butt)
cuz ima fool wit it deal wit it its not my life ima
leave wit it belive dat breezy easy sleezy,
your crazy baby don't even try me
cuz gettin in dat pussy is my numba one hobby
fuck u baby
not me neva dat
tre 380
known for busting pact(yeah)
dat settles dat
back to da subject
find me a subject
so i can get da bed wet


im in da city 4 a night
dont worry baby i don't bite
the club is pcaked the show is jumpin
now I'm tryna get into sumtin
cut sum, fuck sum. fingerin sum
headin like 1:30 somethin
yes it is.. it show damn is
that after party
they gettin it started
lets head to da waffle house
then head to my partners house
thats were all da liquor at
thats where all my niggas at
hope u take dick like a champ(champ)
when i turn off all da lamps(dats what its all about)
i play no games
im a grown ass mane
gurl i aint got no time for dat
we can talk and conversate
gurl i don't discriminate
it wont be no face to face
but u can go and give me face
a perfect place a perfect time
hold up girl let me play wit yo mind
my girls don't know how to act
just another brain attack
scared at dat
thought i seen a puddy cat
gurl u know I'm action packed
think u can handle that
im all about breaking back
till they turn handicap
hokey pokay
hit slow motion
go ahead and bust it open


if u sexy and u know it clap ya hands(2x)
now if u sexy and u know it and ya ass aint scared to show it
if u sexy and u know it clap ya hands
now stand up baby clap dat ass(clap dat ass)2x
if u sexy and u know it and ya ass aint scared to show baby stand up clap dat ass

chrous 3x

cut some ..bust it open(8x)
cut some (untill faded)


Trey-380 - Hokey Pokey Lyrics


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