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Take 5 - Hottie


{Laughing and talking in the backround}


Hey Ladies
Can you tell me where the hotties at
Can I hear y'all scream from front to back
I like to see y'all work it like tht


Pardon me, girl I'm really shy
I hope you understand
Please don't mess me up
Or I will try again
I know it might sound crazy
As if I'm stalking you
'Cause I love every thing about you

You're a hottie and I'm sorry
I can't help it but I'm lovin' your body
Can I chill wit' chu
I'll be here for you
Let's go drivin' in my red ferrari
You're all I want, all I dream
Please don't hesitate to call me
Pardon me, I'm just askin
What must I do just to make you my hottie

Pardon me, if I get choked up (cough)
And cannot breathe (sigh)
Everytime you smile and blink them eyes at me
It's your sexy way thats got a hold on me
But now words just cannot explain


Where's my ladies, my sexy ladies
If you're a hottie then, let me see you go crazy
When I call you, will you call me
'Cause I'm lookin for a fly girl that's a hottie



Let it ride {15x's}

Take 5
Missy Elliot
1 Mo' year
We out


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