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Taydogg f/ Pimpy - Ghetto Booty


Pimpy: Hey yo, Tay.
Taydogg: Yo
Pimpy: You know what I don't get? Them girls with ghetto booty.
Taydogg: You mean the wide asses?
Pimpy: No, the girls with ghetto booty, you know like 6 feet wide.
Taydogg: Word, what's with that. I just don't get it.
Pimpy: It is messed up Tay I'm tellin ya.
Taydogg: Ahh damn, that reminds me of a story. It goes a little somethin like this.

My story starts now, here today, I was walkin' down the street, but along the way,
I saw this girl, as thin as glass, I said I want to tap that ass.
But as I got closer, and made a pass, I noticed that girl had a big round ass.
I said excuse me miss, but I have to say, your ass sure did show up today.
She said thanks I guess, but I have to go, But then I started to feel the flow.
So then I felt, I needed to say, you got ghetto booty, and in a real bad way.
And I want to go, up to my room, and measure that ass with a real big broom.
I said what's your name, do you have a dad ?, she said blow job betty and I want you bad.
I said your Sir Too Short's the Oakland player's, he's not one of those niggas, who don't care.
Cause It's one thing to do my duty, but not with you and your ghetto booty.
In any town, around the way, that's fattest ass I have seen today.

Its strictly ghetto booty, Ghetto B double O T-Y
not a wide ass but ghetto booty, Ghetto B double O T-Y
Just ghetto booty. Man.... Probably 6 feet wide.

That's a good story, but I have my own, and it all started with a loan.
I was at the bank, again today, and a fine lady began to say.
"Mr please, don't hit on me, there is something you can't see."
So then I looked around, the big desk, and noticed that her ass was wide as a fence.
Damn girl, what's with you, your booty sticks out the chair and would kill a fool.
Sorry sir, I thought you should know, before I go and fuck you so.
I said, I don't care what's with you, you got ghetto booty and I ain't fuckin with you.
I said, Its one thing, to have a fat ass, but not a ghetto booty that I can't even grasp.
I'm out of here, fuck the loan, I'm packing up and goin home. I can't believe I thought she was fine, when her ghetto booty just blew my mind.


My story continues as I have more to say, an hour later I was on my way.
I had Ditched blow job betty, I'm glad to say, cause she had ghetto booty in a real bad way.
But anyway as my story goes, I noticed a lot real fine hoes.
They were lookin' at me, in a real sexy way.
I said to sleep with you, how much do I pay, she said $50 sir, I said fuck no way.
Your fine as hell but you need to know, your ghetto booty ass has got to go. You aint worth, no 50 buck's, just for one real quick fuck. You need to get, that ass shaped up, before some dude even pays a buck.
I was feelin' real proud, for dissin a snitch, but then she said, "fuck you bitch."
Excuse me miss, what did you say? Don't talk to me in that real bad way.
No ghetto booty girl is allowed to say any words to tay in a negative way.
I said I'm player Taydogg, and you don't know, who you best be fuckin with hoe.
Just leave the street and go back home, and work on that ass while you fuck the phone.
You got ghetto booty in a real bad way, don't talk to me till its gone away. Now I gots to go so don't make me stay and look at your ghetto booty anymore today.


So I got home, from the loan, and watched a movie starring sharon stone.
That damn bitch, what a fuckin hoe, her ghetto booty ass really needed to go.
I really wanted to get some play, but I got left empty handed today.
What's with those hoes, that think there fine, when there ass just blows my mind.
It aint right, for a bitch, to have an ass as wide as a ditch.
All those damn girls with ghetto booty, why don't they just go get some cooties.
Any man, in the world today, probably wouldn't do an ass as big as today.
Now my mission, from here on out, is to tell the ghetto booty bitches to get the fuck out.
No more I'm messin, with fat ass, especially if Taydogg aint tappin that ass.
I just don't get, why them hoes today, have to have such ghetto booty in such a bad way.
So to all you bitches, with ghetto booty, get it checked out or you wont be a cutie.
Me and Taydogg, are on this track, to let the ghetto booty bitches know that its all bad.
So as of now, all have to say is......


Taydogg: Its about time we brought this to girls attention.
Pimpy: You know that.
Taydogg: I just can't believe that ghetto booty.
Pimpy: Im tellin you Tay, not wide asses, but ghetto booty. Like 6 feet wide.
Taydogg: Now your talkin.
Pimpy: I just don't get it


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