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Terry Dexter - Better Than Me


Hmmmm, yea
Oh yeah
What, what
What, what
Yeah, yea yeah

What, what
What, what
Yeah, yea yeah

Boy I got my eyes on you
Guess that you can say that I've been watching you
I see the things that she put you through
Wouldn't take it if I were you, no
Baby I can not pretend
So where do I begin?
I'm tryin' to be that friend
So let me ask you something, oh ho yea


Do you think that she'll love you better than me
Kiss you better than me
Touch you better than me
Hold you better than me
Flex you better than me
Sex you better than me
Boy you better believe
I'll be everything that you need

Baby can't you see that she
Don't appreciate a thing
I try to get you to see
That you need to be with me
So what's the move?
Do you want me like I want you?
I just wanna be that friend
So let me ask you again, oh ho

(chorus 2x)

She's not right
So I can't see why
Why you continue to waste your time
She's not tight
When will you realize
Baby that I do you right

(chorus 2x)

Everything, oh ho
Oh whoa oh
[Everything, everything]
[You need]
[Oh huh, uh huh, oh yeah, mmmm yea]


[You better than me]
Than me, than me, hey hey hey
[Flex you better than me]
Oh yea


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