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Total - Don't Ever Change


(verse 1)
How many times, have you seen me looking so happy?
You never understand.
anytime you see, how much you mean to me, let's not ever change, hear me when I say.
You, you seem to be, the perfect man for me, you have a way about you, yeah, yeah, that let'sme know you're only I want, And please don't evere change. Stay the same.

Don't ever change the way,
the way you feel today, don't ever take your love away if you love me. (repeat 1x)

(verse 2)
Do you really know, how you make me feel,
whenever you're here.
I've gotta let you know, anytime you need me,
all you gotta do is call, I'll be around.

(chorus 2)
Don't you ever changethe way,
Don't you ever change. Don't you ever change the way, if you love me.

(chorus 3)
Repeat 1st chorus until the song fades out.


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