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Touch - Love Song


You and I began as a simple melody
Through joy and pain, we've grown into an endless symphony
And now the time has come for me to take your hand and say
"With this ring I thee wed, with this ring I thee wed"

* With my heart and soul,
I give you all my love and my whole life
On this special day,
We'll both be known as husband and as wife
And who knows what lies in store for us,
But I know this much is true
This love song began when I met you

As you walked down that aisle
I reminisced through all the years
How you showered me with love
Took away all my fears
And I remember when I looked in your eyes
And I knew you were the one
And because of you this love song has begun


I know that this love will last
You know that I'll stay true
With God as our witness
I give my life to you...


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