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Tracy Dela Cruz - Love For One But Not The Other


~*vErSe 1*~
i, don't ever wanna face a day
if ever you're so far away
i'd rather die,
if i couldn't have you in my life
it would be unfair if i didn't have you there
when i woke up, not having your fingers in my hair...

the love, can be so strong...
and it can hurt
not just the one who loves you,
but also yourself...(if you have to tell them)
that you don't love them (dont love them)
love for one, but not the other

~*verse 2*~
boy, don't you know?dont you see?
i'm falling in love with you..
do you think, do you feel...
the same love i do?
i gave my heart to you,
oh boy, and you broke it in two..

~*repeat chorus*~

but you treated me wrong...(treated me wrong)
i never knew a love that was more unkind
a love that's filled with sorrow,
a heart that's full of pain
thats what i for one but not the other...

~*repeat chorus three times*~


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