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Trina & Tamera - Joanne


A1 - [Trina & Tamera]
Joanne, Joanne
Stop trying to be my friend
Joanne, Joanne
Stop trying to fuck my man
Joanne, Joanne
How you gon' try to clown
I know you got another plan
When I'm not around

[Trina & Tamera]
For most of our lives
It's been you and me
And I always thought
Nothing could come between
Obviously our friendship doesn't mean nothing to you
All this time I though I knew you, oh

2 - [Trina & Tamera]
Half shirts, knee skirts
All of that ain't gon' work
So stop trying to flirt with my man
Before someone gets hurt

Repeat 1

[Trina & Tamera]
We were so close
How could you hurt me
You were my best friend
Where's your honesty
Thought you had my back
But that ain't where you at
See right through you
All this time I thought I knew you

Repeat 2

Repeat 1

[Trina & Tamera]
No way you could fool me
When he loves me truly
I can't believe I once called you a friend

Repeat 1 till end


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