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Trisha Yearwood - I Still Love You More


Ask me how much you mean to me
and I wouldn't even know where to start
ask if this love runs deep in me
you won't find the deeper love in any heart

You could say you couldn't live one day without me
you could say all of your thoughts are all about me
you could think no other love could be as strong
you'd be wrong, you'd be wrong

Chorus :
If you say that you love me,
more than anybody
than anyone's ever in love before,
as much as you love me
Baby I'll still love you more,
baby I'll still love you more
I'll still love you more

Ask me just what I do for you
I'll tell you that I would do anything
ask if this heart beats true for you
I'll show you a truer heart could never be

You could say there's not a start that you won't bring me
you could say there'll be no day that you won't need me
you could think no other love as last as long
you'd be wrong, you'd be wrong

Repeat chorus

And for every kiss I kiss you back a hundred times
and for everything you do I just do more
and for all the love you give,
I give you so much back you'll see
gosh so much love for you instead


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