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Twin Beat feat. Sole' - Bigga, Betta, Thangs


I’m movin on to bigga, betta, thangs, don’t want you in my life,
right now i’m gonna make a change, I want you gone by tonite,
its not healthy for me to be wit you, and all the hell you put me through,
I’m movin on to bigga, betta, thangs, thats just what i’m gonna do!

Verse 1-Cammy:
You have consistantley, hurt me perpusley, and in doubt, i’v been subdoed,
to things you only dream to go through,
its not fair to me, how you misjudge carelesley,
and the way you just distend, to my broken heart that needs mend,
all the things you do, in my book, that just ain’t cool

Chorus 2X

Verse 2-Cyrus:
Continueousley I sit and cry, and yo evil a** wonders why,
I do for you what I can, cause you are my only woman,
other people say, in each way and every day,
I should leave your a** alone, I should let hold your own,
cause obviousley you still think, my home is your home

Chorus 4X

You say to she, you ain’t never had a, n**** like me,
on the 7 to 8 or tha 9 to 5 who’ll, work that p****,
who a make ya hot, and won’t let it stop, crawlin’ on big n***** body,
like a centipeded, who, who me?, ohhh hang it up,
ya’ll n***** just don’t give a f***, wanna n**** who’ll by me trucks,
and I wanna n**** who’ll love to love, sex on the beach,
don’t wanna n**** who’ll preach, I wanna n**** who’ll Memphis Bleek,
and a n**** who’ll steel the streets, for me and only me,
and i’ll be the bizzotch who’ll stay tru to thea,
but if you ever leave or cheat on me,Sole’,
all i’m sayin’ is n**** please,
goodbye and have a good day! how we do it Twin Beat?

Chorus until Twin Beat says “Whooo!”


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