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Twin Beat - Message


(answering Machine) welcome home Twins, you have two unheard voice messages,
message 1(beep)
(cyrus' girl) a cy baby, u home? I just wanted to tell you I might not be home
when you call. Bye baby-----(backround) Tyreak baby stop! ha ha !(dial tone)
Message 2(beep) (cammy's boy) aye baby wat? how come u aint home? where are
you ooowww!!! damn girl not that hard (hooker) sorry! oh damn! uhh bye!
Both: What the hell?
both: Message,message, I heard it on the machine,message.message, that you
were cheating on me,message,message, i guess it's plaine to see,
message,message, that u aint my baby,message,message
Cyrus:I heard that message,(message,message),it wasn't very
nice,(message,message),to come home to my baby,(message,message)knowin'
someone else is starin' in her eyes!,(message,message) i can't believe youd
hurt me,(message,message) u make me want to die,
yes,yes,yes.(message,message),now i don't want to cry,(message,message) tears
comin' from my eyes(message,message)all my love was for you
(message,message)until this day,ohhh,why?(message,message)
Chorus 2X
Cammy:After i heard that shit(message,message)wonderd if i was gone make
it(message,message)went and sat on my bed(message,message)thinkin' or whishin
in my head(message,message) i wish i was dead..........
(message,message)I saw a picture of you(message,message)riped it up and threw
it away...........
(message,message)when i looked at yo face(message,message)realizin' u weren't
my baby no mo(message,
message)the pain in my heart(message,message)will never go
away(message,message)that reason i'm here
(message,message)is to,to say............!!!!!!!!!!!
Chorus 4X
Bridge:(message,message in backround) Now i never new that i wasn't good
enough fo u, ya hurt me so bad,
and all you do is sit there and laugh, 2X
(Crashing sound, music stops for 10 seconds) Left Eye: Left Eye has entered
the studio,yo,yo, wah,wah,check this uuuuhhhhh!!
I heard u left a message that completly hurt my dawgs, i don't take kindly to
bitches' in thongs,tryin ta get the better man, tryin' ta get a better plan,
ya better reconize, cause i epitomize 4 words sayin' ima beat yo ass.
ya better run,run,run like forest gump, cause when i get thruogh wit u, all
you gon have is that cheap ass shoe.
u gon get whip lash when i tap dat ass, i don't lie!, ima beat on u like whit
on rye!! who u bout ta go get, u don't
scare me wit yo silly shit, i aint tryin' to break my nails again, to have fag
named Sphen fix em wit couple thousand doller trim, if u tryin ta test my
patiances, i don't think you'll make it past my level breakege!!
Shit, Like TLC, we don't want no Scrubs, to words for you baby, GET
Chorus until fade!!!!!!!!!


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