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Twin Beat - Okay


Okay, I’ll give it to you this way,
Okay, we’ll make love all day, Okay,
all work and no play, all I can say is okay,
is okay! (repeat chorus)

Verse 2-Cammy:
I dream about us nightley,
and how we be gettin’ fiesty, I want you on my hips,
while i’m kissin’ yo soft lips,
you make me want you more and more,
give it to me till I hit the floor,
I can’t make no promises,
but I know that you’ll be it,
once we start makin’ love,
they’ll be no stoppin’ us!, ooohhh yea yea!

Chorus 2X

Verse 2-Cyrus:
I want you on top of me, while i’m carressin’ yo body,
I want to feel you, I want to steel you,
I’m the one who’ll make you hot,
my fire’s burining and it won’t stop,
you make me feel so good, you make feel secure,
I’ll be all the guy, you’ll ever need in ya life,
how will you understand?, that I’m only one man!

Chorus 3X(Ja Rule in backround)here it comes, there it goes.4X

Rap-Ja Rule:
Ok, ok, what was we doing to each other last night?
ok,ok, didn’t I shout you up and f*** you right?,
what, what, you don’t remember me lickin’ you, damn, damn,
I knew this chickin’ was playin guess who?,
oh,oh but know you wanna get freaky, right, right,
you know a n**** like me be twikin’, yeah, yeah,
I get that p**** all damn night, s***, s***,
I f*** it till’ it don’t feel right,
wo, wo, now you’s actin all shysty, ha, ha, is there fight?,
I don’t know, there might be,
what, what, how you gone love me if you can’t see,
uh, uh, how you gone love me if you can’t breath?,
ha, ha, now you say I wasn’t hittin’ tight,
what, what, you say I wasn’t the n**** who was keepin’ it ripe,
well guess what, yous da b**** that needs to get a life,
Ja Rule n****, 2000 keepin it hype!

Chorus until fade


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