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Twin Beat - You Wanna Play Me


Chorus: Why u wanna play me?, actin' so shady, i'm thinkin' that u hate me,) 2
u actin' so crazy, what u did ta me, now baby u da one whos sorry,
) X
Cyrus: now u da one who told me that ya loved me instead, u walk out on me!?
thats not a thing ta do baby, see i loved ya Plainly, now ya drivin' my ass
crazy! oh yeah
Cammy:don't let this (shit) affect me cause u need some sense see I aint got
ta be home whenever ya need ta hit it Between the sheets!....Baby, u da one
who played me!
Chorus: 2X
Cammy: Now i know i'm not alone, when ya comin' home, i feel so safe wit u,
ask a Question or two, is this the Bitch that slept wit u? (cammy talking) i
found it in yo wallet! (guy) WHAT?
Cyrus: now I'll admit that this Shit is gettin' old but hell u da one dat went
and told, how could u be so cold! (cyrus talking) Damn my own Brotha (girl)
Chorus: 2X
Bridge: Now i know that u don't love me, but why-------------did have u have
ta go and hurt me
Baby---------- time you know Cyrus: that i aint yo jigga, Cammy: and i sho as
hell aint yo hoe
Both: nnnnnnnnnnooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!
Chorus 4X in backround
TB: if you think that i'm done---------ya got another thang comin' baby
Don't hate cause u not my luv---------Ya should a thought twice baby
Now i left u & i'm havin' some fun--------thats what u get fo playin me
(Chorus in backround until fade)
oh-oh-oh-oh ------why u wanna play me
oh-oh-oh-oh-------shoulda thought twice baby
oh-oh-oh-oh-------before u went and hurt me
oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh---------------WHY U WANNA PLAY ME


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