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Tyrese - Nobody Else


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now as i look around what do i see?
everybody wantinto try to get to know me
its my perogative to do what i wanna do
and i couldn't see myself with no one but you

i don't want nobody else but you
cause no one makes me feel the waay that you do
i don't want nobody else but you
cause no one makes me feel the way that you do

now i see you jus can't handle, handle my life style
you say I'm too damn crazy you say I'm too damn wild
you gotta understand this is just the way i live
baby what you see is exactly what you get


i know the situations shady you have to understand
and know that I'm the man babe
i feel you're bout to drive me crazy
you're actin insecure when all i want is you

tyrese rap:
but uh you can take my word like in god we trust
baby girl they only want me cause I'm on the bus
i don't want no crew i just want you
solo, stereo-type, I'm from watts so I'm ghetto
no more games and drama if you live by the ??? then you die by the ???
nobody know i find ???
but i do i don't want nobody but you



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