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Usher - Confessions ( Remix ) Lyrics


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Artist: Usher
Album: Confessions
Song: Confessions ( Remix )


oww oww oww a owwww
a oww owww oww oww

Everything that I been doing is all bad
Got a chick on the side, crib and a ride
I been telling you so many lies
Aint nothin good its all bad
I just wanna confess (it's been oh so long)
Girl i been doing you so wrong
I just want you to know that

Verse 1
Everytime I was in LA
I was was with my ex girlfriend
Everytime you call I told you baby I'm workin
Nooo I was out doing my dirt
Ohhh wasn't thinking about you gettin hurt
I was hand to hand in the Beverly Center
Like damn not givin a damn who see me
So gone, so wrong
Actin like I didn't have you sittin at home
Thinkin about me,bein the good girl that you R
I bet you finally believe you got a good man
A man that would never do the things I'm bout to tell you I've done
Brace you're self, it aint good
It would be even worst if you heard this from somebody else

Hook 2x

Verse 2
If I can turn back, start all ova I would
Instead everything bein all bad
baby everything would be all good
I don't want to leave you but I know runnin aint gonna make you wanna stay
Now I just want to run away
I mad enough to punch me in my face
you've been actin like a idiot
and I deserve every bit of it I know
Today is the day that I am but I'm not in the plan to bore it
Girl I'm sorry, baby I'm sorry but I can no longer run around with this stress on my chess I confess

Hook 5x or til it fades away

Thanks to Deeanna for correcting these lyrics


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