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Vonray - Hole lyrics


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Artist: Vonray
Song: Hole
Album: Vonray


There’s a hole in the neighborhood where I go
When I feel misunderstood
I sit alone and wonder
What I am who I am

There’s a picture down the hall reminds me
Of when I almost had it all
When it falls I pick it up
And put it back

It’s not like me to fall apart
I put my soul out on the table
You take me in
And only then I start to climb

I got a friend I like to see and it seems
I like her and she likes me
But it always leads
To a falling out, a falling out

There’s a chapter in a book and every page
Helps me take a second look
It’s only then I find
The shelter from the pain


There’s a fool in my head
Telling me I’m not myself
Is it wrong for me to believe
That I could walk out of this dream


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