Vonray - That's Ok Lyrics
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Vonray - That's Ok lyrics


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Artist: Vonray
Song: That's Ok
Album: Vonray


One step closer to where I might have started off yesterday
Life it seems to lead me ‘round in circles yeah but that’s ok

I can’t worry ‘bout what I’ve been missing
If I could I’d take it back
I found out the hard way
Just exactly what I lack

If I have to decide… That’s OK
I tell myself this time… That’s Ok
That’s Ok
Watch me go I know this road is gonna take me on a holiday
Written on your face the look of desperation got to get away

Once I thought for sure I had the answer
Then it slipped right through my hands
But you and I both know
There’s (plenty of)(always) things that we don’t understand

That’s Ok … That’s Ok
Wake up people it’s time to start livin’
Take these thoughts as a sign of the times
You can’t worry about what you’ve been missing
Come alive .. You can come alive

One step closer to where I might have started off yesterday


I’m alive I’m alive


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