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Vonray - Inside Out lyrics


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Artist: Vonray
Song: Inside Out
Album: Vonray


I don't believe all the things I hear.
All these things I hold so dear, I won't take for granted.
I tell myself that I won't hide.
Maybe this might finalize, this fear I feel's unfounded.

Do you see the danger creeping up beside?

'Cause you're turning me inside out,
You're breaking all these promises we made.
Maybe time will make it right.
Yeah, you're turning me inside out.
It's taking all my strength and will to stay.
Maybe time will make it right.

I've always taken a chance with life,
knowing if I paid the price that soon I'd find the answer.
There's no use being afraid to see what my life was meant to be.
It could take me so much higher.
Do you see the danger creeping up beside?



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