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Webbie - How U Ridin' Lyrics


Artist: Webbie
Album: Savage Life
Song: How U Ridin'


yo yo yo bitch i like the way you drop
youre making the snake in my pants get hot
i don't want you to eva eva eva eva eva eva eva eva eva stop
i like the way you look with your bong and your pot
How u be ridin on the bottom or the top
you look like youre singing a song about teapots
Im a playa muthafucka and you my bitch
Lets go down to the theatre and watch that new movie with Will Smith
Aint that shit called "Hitch"?
HOw u be riding bitch standing or sitting
you look like youre singing a song while youre shitting
Bitch how u be ridin, you aint got no car
Hop into my Escalade and I'll take you far
pants down G string OFF thats the way i like to do it bitch don't be hatin
its either me or that ugly mothafucka with you matin!
I'm poppin the crystal and spinnin the rims
while you at home pimpin like Tim Sims
Lets keep it dirty dirty take off your shirty shirty
i wanna see them ta tas so take that top off
can i get a woot woot for the titties in my face
or wrap them in lingerie of cotton and lace
drink your cup of cheerios and spit it in my trace
drop you knees and pray cuz this is a disgrace to god
How u be ridin bitch with god or satan
Dont be hatin bitch don't be hatin
IM good to go and I'm going no where fast
sooo please girl just let me tap that tap that ass
see my hand its made of glass SPANKITY SPANK!


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