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Weird Al Yankovic - It's Christmas At Ground Zero


It's Christmas at ground zero, there's music in the air.The sleigh bells are ringin' and the carolers are
singin', While the air raid sierens blair.

It's Christmas at ground zero, the button has been pressed. The radio just let us know that htis is not a test.

Everywhere the atom bombs are droppin', It's the end of all humanity. No more time for last minute
shoppin'. Its time to face your final destiny.

It's Christmas at ground zero, There's panic in the crowd. We can dodge debry while we trim the tree
underneath a mushroom cloud.

You might hear some reindeer on your rooftop. Or jackfrost on your window sill - but if someone's cimbin'
down your chimney.. you better load your gun and shoot to kill!

It's Christmas at ground zero, and if the radiation level's OK - I'll go out with you, and see all the new,
mutations on New Years' Day.

It's Christmas at ground-zero, just seconds left to go. I'll duck and cover with my yule-tide lover,
underneath the mistletoe.

It's Christmas at ground zero, now the missles are on their way. What a crazy fluke, we're gonna get
nuked on this jolly holiday. What a crazy ol' fluke! We're gonna get nuked! -- on this jolly - holiday ----


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