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Westlife Lyrics

Westlife  Lyrics from the album: "Allow Us To Be Frank" (2004)

Westlife - Ain't That A Kick In The Head Lyrics
Westlife - Fly Me To The Moon Lyrics
Westlife - Smile Lyrics
Westlife - Let There Be Love Lyrics
Westlife - The Way You Look Tonight Lyrics
Westlife - Come Fly With Me Lyrics
Westlife - Mack The Knife Lyrics
Westlife - I Left My Heart In San Francisco Lyrics
Westlife - Summer Wind Lyrics
Westlife - Clementine Lyrics
Westlife - When I Fall In Love Lyrics

Westlife lyrics from the album: Westlife (1999)

Westlife - Swear It Again
Westlife - If I Let You Go
Westlife - Flying Without Wings
Westlife - Fool Again
Westlife - No No
Westlife - I Don't Wanna Fight No More
Westlife - Change The World
Westlife - Moments
Westlife - Seasons In The Sun
Westlife - I Need You
Westlife - Miss You
Westlife - More Than Words
Westlife - Open Your Heart
Westlife - Try Again
Westlife - What I Want Is What I've Got
Westlife - We Are One
Westlife - Can't Loose What You Never Had

Westlife lyrics from the album: Coast To Coast (2000)

Westlife - My Love
Westlife - What Makes A Man
Westlife - I Lay My Love On You
Westlife - I Have A Dream
Westlife - Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)
Westlife - When You're Looking Like That
Westlife - Close
Westlife - Somebody Needs You
Westlife - Angel's Wings
Westlife - Soledad
Westlife - Puzzle of My Heart
Westlife - Dreams Come True
Westlife - No Place That Far
Westlife - Close Your Eyes
Westlife - You Make Me Feel
Westlife - Loneliness Knows Me By Name
Westlife - Fragile Heart
Westlife - Every Little Thing You Do
Westlife - Nothing Is Impossible

Westlife lyrics from the album: World Of Our Own (2001)

Westlife - Queen Of My Heart
Westlife - Bop Bop Baby
Westlife - I Cry
Westlife - Uptown Girl
Westlife - Why Do I Love You
Westlife - I Wanna Grow Old With You
Westlife - When You're Looking Like That
Westlife - Evergreen
Westlife - World Of Our Own
Westlife - To Be Loved
Westlife - Drive (For All Time)
Westlife - If Your Heart's Not In It
Westlife - When You Come Around
Westlife - Don't Say It's Too Late
Westlife - Don't Let Me Go
Westlife - Walk Away
Westlife - Love Crime
Westlife - Imaginary Diva
Westlife - Angel
Westlife - Bad Girls (bonus track)

Other Westlife Lyrics

Westlife - When You Tell Me That You Love Me Lyrics
Westlife - Obvious
Westlife - Mandy
Westlife - Hey Whatever
Westlife - Tonight
Westlife - Unbreakable
Westlife - My Private Movie

Westlife - Don't Calm The Storm
Westlife - Miss You Night


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