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Whistle - Still My Girl


it's been said that dreams don't come true
i thought i proved it wrong when i met u
you're like a love song that i always sing
and i love u baby cuz joy's what u bring
and u know i loved u like no man has loved u
you said that u loved me and u'll never leave me
girl, u were so kind
was this just a fantasy ?
was this just make believe?
was this all in my mind?

still my girl...(4x)

i sit and wonder what went wrong
i thought our love was good, i thought it was strong
but now i sit alone, crying to sleep
hoping you'd bring back the love that we shared
but baby u left me, you left me lonely
but why oh why? why did u go? (why did u go?)
why didnt u love me, like u said u'd love me
girl, i got to know....

still my girl... (4x)

baby at night when i go home
wondering if u're ever coming home
do u love me, girl do u care?
when i get home will u be there?...

(repeat chorus til song fades)


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