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Willie Max - Bona Fide


our love is bona fide
you know we're qualified
when ever it comes to us
our love is bona fide

~*~1st Verse~*~
Baby do't be ashamed cause we don't have everythang
for a while lets get tough, so tough.
Sometimes it takes more than you to fulfill a good day
so let me say that our love is bona fide.


~*~2nd Verse~*~
I love you more today than i did yesterday
and thats more than a lot of couples can say.
and when my friends try to play to keep us apart
its not possible cause we can never be torn apart.

feeling that will never change
i want our relationship to be like the one in the old days.
some folks say it could not be done
but i hold my hand up and just walk on by.

~*~Chorus (2x)~*~

~*~3rd Verse~*~
everyday i wanna show you just how much i love you
cause my heart is whatcha holdin that is what we both controlin
baby baby please feel like this when we be
soul to soul thats where its gotta be, juss for you and me

~*~Hook (2x)~*~

~*~Chorus (til end)~*~


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