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Youngstown - I'll Be Your Everything


You can call me when you want me,
If you need a friend, you got me.
I'll be your everything,
Fulfill your every dream.
We can do it automatic,
Just call out go, go, gadget.
I'll be your everything,
You see I'm everything you want and more.

I know, the moment that we met,
I had to be a part of you, someone you won't forget.
Don't say, I'm let the other few,
No matter what is going on,
You'll find me next to you.

Girl, I'll be your Superman,
I'll do what no one can.
You'll find that I'm the everything that you need.
Deep down inside of you,
No matter what you do,
You see, I'm everything you want and more.


No sweat,
The claw is on his way.
Don't worry about him catching you.
No need to be afraid.
Somehow, someway,
I'll find out what's the deal,
And I'll be there to rescue you,
You'll see that I'm for real.



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